Wynd Hill Hideaway Ethos

When we bought Wynd Hill Hideaway we didn’t have a clear plan for the place but we knew we wanted to make it somewhere special and different. You only have to visit once to see, that the real magic of Wynd Hill would never be in what we did but what was already here – nature. Some things you just can’t manufacture and it didn’t take us long to realise that there was a bounty of life on our site that we not only wanted to share but also preserve and enhance.

We are dedicated to creating a holiday environment that works with nature rather than against it, our goals are to do all we can to be as ecologically minded as possible but goals take time. We are just starting out. But we are already taking steps to minimise our impact on the natural world. We are trying to run our site as plastic free as possible, we are passionate about recycling and we hope people who visit Wynd Hill Hideaway are inspired to try just one small change in their lifestyle that might help the environment.

Part of our ethos is also creating an ambiance of peace and equilibrium with the world, we are a small quiet site who welcome visitors who are looking for a ‘hideaway’ to enjoy the beauty of Pembrokeshire.

Wynd Hill Hideaway isn’t just our job, it’s our dream, we promise to always endeavour to improve, develop and enhance so that year after year you may visit and see what new ideas we have had for our home. For us it’s a project without end, it will be our life’s work, and we cannot wait to share it with you!